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Nepal: Dashain – The biggest festival of Nepal

08/10/2019 All day
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Observed for 15 days, Dashain festival is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of Nepal. The victory of Goddess Durga over the devil Mahishasura is celebrated during Dashain through worships, feast, fairs and family gatherings. Nepalis also celebrate Dashain festival for the fertility of the land and good harvest. Ghatasthapana is the first day of the festival and the last day is known as Kojagrat Purnima. Seventh day is celebrated with phulpati or sacred flowers and Brahmins carry kalasha with jamara and bamboo stalk from Gorkha to Kathmandu. Animal sacrifices are common on the 8th and 9th day of Dashain, in Nepal. Vijayadashami is celebrated on the 10th day when friends and families meet to exchange greetings and blessings.

Key attractions: Kite flying events and worship of Ashta Matrikas (8 tantric goddesses) and nine avatars of Durga.

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