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Manipur: Heikru Hidongba Festival

11/09/2019 All day
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The Heikru Hitongba Festival in Manipur is celebrated with a boat race that takes place on the canal. Narrow long boats are used for the race which accommodates a large number of rowers. The race takes place on a 16 meter wide canal in Manipur. Before the beginning of the boat race, the idol of Shri Vishnu is installed who is supposed to preside over the function of Heikru Hitongba. The Brahmins give offerings of gold and silver before the presiding deities and idols. The spirits of the crew men are high during the Heikry Hitongba festival and each boat sailed by a number of rowers try their best to overthrow the other boat with a lot of vigor.

Date: TBA (Sep)

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