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Thailand: Loy Krathong – The Lantern Festival

13/11/2019 All day
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Thousands of small, candlelit floats are released on rivers and waterways as offerings to the river spirits. In Chiang Mai and other parts of Northern Thailand, the Loi Krathong festival also coincides with a Lanna festival known as Yi Peng, which involves the launching of thousands of fire-powered paper lanterns into the air for good luck. The sky appears to be full of burning stars, creating a dreamlike world that appears too surreal and beautiful to be real. Standing on a bridge in Chiang Mai during Loy Krathong and Yi Peng is truly unforgettable as both the Ping River and sky appear to be on fire at the same time. Adding to the beauty are perpetual fireworks displays — both sanctioned and illegal — that contribute even more fire and brilliant lights to the setting!

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