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Meru Base Camp, Gaumukh, Tapovan and Mt. Baby Shivling Trek: 1 – 11 Oct 2018

At Rustik explorations, our idea is to look for such routes and trails that have never been done before and create an experience that has never been replicated and the trek to the Meru Base camp is one such experience where we aim to recreate a bit of what these dare devil climbers would have experienced- going into the unknown with only old maps for reference. Described as the Anti-Everest of climbs because while Everest has been climbed and documented numerous times, there is very little such documentation available for this and while there is all sorts of support available to those attempting to climb Everest, very little such support is available at Meru Parvat. It really feels a bit like going into the absolute unknown and of being all by yourself.

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