The Fascinating International Space Station

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Poorvi Daxini

A senior corporate executive. Multi-faceted personality with multiple passions - with travel topping all. Latest passion is podcasting and she hosts the show Fiya’s Trivia.

In this episode titled “The Fascinating International Space Station” of the show Fiya’s Trivia (FT) on The Rustik Travel Podcast you will travel into space, learn how the station was constructed in space, how astronauts eat and sleep and spend their time, what experiments are conducted and what long term space travel does to the human body. ISS can experience 16 sunrises and sunsets and many more interesting facts!
Fiya’s Trivia (FT) is a show on The Rustik Travel Podcast that is just about everything under the sun. And beyond! The show is meant for 8 to 16 year olds with interesting information for all age groups to listen in to enrich your travel experience. Fiya’s Trivia is also available as a stand alone podcast show in various podcasting platforms. 
Hosted by Poorvi Daxini.

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