Being One with my Motorcycle – Justin Burrett

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Tapas Biala

Doon school dude, high-altitude mountaineer, outdoor learning & adventure entrepreneur. Expert in organising expeditions & treks. Podcasting is his latest passion and he co-hosts a few shows.

Justin Burrett teaches in a renowned boarding school. He is a very passionate biker and that passion knows no bounds. In the episode we reminisce his childhood days of growing up on campus of one of India’s premier schools, how the adventures growing up there shaped his character and fuelled his passions. We talk about some of his lovely biking stories and how he picked it up in the first place to fill a void. Now as a parent he strives to give the same adventurous life to his children and as a teacher he uses his life lessons from all these adventures to give back to students.
In this episode titled “Being One with my Motorcycle – Justin Burrett” of the show Travel Conversations (TC) on The Rustik Travel Podcast we would go on some exciting adventures with him on his motorcycle. 

Podcast Summary: Being One with my Motorcycle – Justin Burrett
Hosts: Hemant Soreng & Tapas Biala
00:00:00: Intro. 
00:02:00: About yourself. 
– Growing up. Early adventures in Doon school.
– From studying to teaching in a boarding school.
00:14:45: How did you get into biking? 
– Death of mother- trying to fill the void- gifted first bike by my father back in Sep 2003- Hero Honda Passion – first long distance- Delhi- Dehradun- several trips including into Himachal, Rajasthan (10,000km)
00:23:05: Everest Base Camp Trek
00:28:12: New bike – Enfield Thunderbird
– Sep 2007- Royal Enfield Thunderbird – first real tourer- comfortable- lots of touring including Leh Ladakh (three times!!), Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Himachal (Kaza trip with wife) (80,000km- piston changed at 60k)
– 2013- Kawasaki Ninja 650 (2013-2016) 12000 km – Delhi- Bombay-Delhi, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan; accident returning from Pushkar in 2014 broken collarbone- Nadir’s death- shaken up.
– Royal Enfield Himalayan (Sep 2016 till date)- 2016- sold Tbird and Ninja and went in for one do-it-all bike- 9000km (Himachal, Dehradun, Kodaikanal)
– Breakdowns- flat tyre (Shimla- Delhi) late night; electrical shorting- Enroute Leh; broken clutch cable (returning from Har-ki-dun)
00:49:45: Where next? Any other biking trips on your list.
00:51:53: Any tips/advise for biking in India.
00:56:01: Do you think that these adventures have shaped you as a more effective educator? If yes, then how?
01:04:00: Conclusion. Outro.

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  • Wonderful talk which brings back the old days at school.
    So proud of my son Justin as well as Tapas who has also overcome his own personal hardships
    What would life be like without adventures, bikes and the mountains

  • My wonderful brother, who I had the privilege of growing up with and sharing many adventures!
    Loved listening to this podcast. The passion really comes through.

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