The Art of Storytelling by Lakshmi Sharath

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Lakshmi is a story teller, travel blogger, writer, digital influencer, content specialist, media professional  and photographer. And at the core of it a true passionate traveler.
After working with various media organisations for a decade and a half, inside an office, behind a desk, she decided to head out, travel and see the world. 
And in the process, she traveled extensively in India and across the world visiting multiple countries, and emerged as one of the top travel bloggers and social media influencers in India. Her travel blog has a huge following and has won several awards.
She continues to do what she loves the most, that is travel and tell stories. 

In this episode we would be hearing one particular story from Lakshmi. Her own.

Podcast Summary: The Art of Storytelling by Lakshmi Sharath

00:00:00 – 00:11:15: Introduction. How the love for travel started. Inspiration and influences while growing up. First international trip.
00:11:15 – 00:30:12: Corporate career and moving away from it. Traveling within India. Exploring Hoysala dynasty, researching, storytelling and venturing into the travel domain.
00:30:12- 00:46:40: The art of storytelling. How it all started. Pursuing it as a profession. Evolving storytelling with new formats, social media platforms et. al.
00:46:40- 00:57:05: Favourite stories and experiences. Spontaneous trips. Unplanned road trips, watching hundreds of Flamingos, camping at Pangong Tso, Ladakh, adventurous trip from Rameshwaram to Dhanushkodi, and many more. 
00:57:05- 01:02:12: Branching out professionally – Content Writing, Content Marketing and Personal Branding Workshops.  
01:02:12- 01:17:22: The business of travel blogging. Advise and tips. 
01:17:23- 01:23:59: What next – travel and work? Concluding remarks.

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