A Recap of the Last Six Months with Hemant, Rajesh & Tanvi

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Tanvi Jain

Loves traveling be it hiking in the mountains or scuba diving in the oceans. Producer of The Rustik Travel Podcast.

“It’s crazy how fast time flies and how things progress.” Quoting Nathan Chen to describe our podcast journey that we started in November 2020. Its been 6 months now with many episodes and many different shows. Specifically, for the show Travel Conversations for which we have completed 24 episodes, we thought that for the 25th episode we should do something special – Pause, reminisce, recap and celebrate our journey as we traveled along with our guests through their travel experiences. Also, talk about our plans for the future.
For this special episode, our producer Tanvi Jain puts on the hat of the host  and chats with our regular hosts, now guests – Hemant Soreng and Rajesh Nair.
In this episode titled “A Recap of the Last Six Months with Hemant, Rajesh & Tanvi” of the show Travel Conversations (TC) on The Rustik Travel Podcast we take a recap of our podcasting journey so far through the travel experiences as narrated by our guests.

Podcast Summary: A Recap of the Last Six Months
Guests: Hemant Soreng & Rajesh Nair
Host & Producer: Tanvi Jain
00:00:00-00:01:33: Intro
00:01:33-00:07:14: How did The Rustik Travel Podcast start?
00:07:14-00:13:55: The Podcasting Process
– Identifying a guest traveler
– Prep call to select a theme and broad topics to cover. Focusing on experiences, stories, learnings.
– Podcast recording. 
– Editing (multiple rounds)
– Hosting on Podcast host and website
– Promoting the episode on social media
00:13:55-00:56:03: Recap of various episodes
– Learning about scuba diving from Ep 16. Scuba Diving with Rajkumar.
– Driving through Europe esp. with a toddler – Ep 6. Driving and Traveling with Arpita, Amitava & Baby Anju
– Covid guidelines – Ep 1. Traveling in the time of Covid with Hemant & Rajesh 
– Tapas’ inspirational story – Ep 2. Conquering Cancer and Climbing Mountains with Tapas Biala
– Rajkumar’s accident, recovery and positive outlook – Ep 8 & 9. Rajkumar’s Motorcycle Diaries I-II
– Kranthi Kiran’s positive vibes and resilience post serious mountain sickness and evacuation during the Everest Base Camp Trek.
– “Follow your passion and not your dreams, as the dreams might keep on changing”. “There are no real travelers. There are different types of travelers ” –  Rahul Prakash. Ep 19 & 20. Unconventional Travel with Rahul Prakash I-II
– Surya Prasad – passionate about history and archaeology – Ep 23 & 24. Rediscovering Ancient Civilisations with Surya Prasad
– Ep 10. Reminiscing Train Journeys with Rajeev Bhattathripad – Passionate rail fan.
– Destination specific episodes:
– with Poorvi Daxini’s amazing story telling – Ep 12. Exploring Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice and Ep 13. Riding the Trans Siberian Railway across Russia, Mongolia and China.
– with Nitesh & Reshma’s awesome experiences – Ep 17. Chasing the Northern Lights and Ep 18. Exploring Svalbard.
– Travel is the best teacher – Ep 14. The Adventures of Keya Srinivas. Connection between traveling and learning.
– Traveling and trekking as a family with Neelima & Nikhil. Discovering, bonding and becoming aware of nature. – Ep 15. Trekking with the Mother-Son Duo.
– “Varanasi is a microcosm of what India is.” – Aparna Sanjay 
Traveling responsibly and in a sustainable way with Aparna Sanjay – Ep 22. Sustainable and Experiential Travel.
– Closer local interactions with Srini – Ep 7. One Hundred and Counting with Srinivas Kasturi.
– Traveling like a local with Kranthi Kiran – Ep 3. Backpacking in South America.
– Great tips and experiences from Vishnu Rajesh traveling in Europe on a shoestring budget – Ep 4. Backpacking in Europe.
– Lakshmi Sharath, India’s top travel blogger’s journey Ep 11. The Art of Storytelling
– Passion, the common trait amongst all the guests
– Amazing photography tips while traveling with Ramnath Siva – Ep 5. Travel and Street Photography. Shooting a documentary on Varanasi.
 – Sharath Krishnamurthy’s passion for road trips – Ep 21. Driving through Croatia, Slovenia & Italy. Unscripted journey, discovering new places on the road trip.
– Various detours on road trips – finding Pokhran by Amitava and Arpita’s journeys.
– Srini’s trip to Pakistan and experiencing warm hospitality by the locals.
– Travel helps bring people closer, and removes prejudices and differences.
00:56:04-00:58:50: Best feedback
00:58:51-01:05:37: Future plans for the podcast
– Interesting guests & episodes
– New shows
01:05:37 – 01:06:50: Conclusion and Outro

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  • Enjoyed listening and a great highlights summary of all episodes thus far. Tanvi did a good job interviewing 🙂

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