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We have all grown up reading books. While reading many a times we have become so entangled with the characters and the plots in those that the line between imagination and reality has blurred quite often. Be it chasing Alice down the rabbit hole or following Harry Potter’s adventures. We have often wondered what inspires those writers to conjure such magic through their words.
S Venkatesh (Venky) is one author for whom travel is an integral part in writing. He is someone who is inspired by travel,  someone who travels to research and quite often writes while traveling.
His two books KaalKoot and the latest one AgniBaan are a testament of that.
An investment banker, an IIT-IIM alumnus he is your atypical author who loves to travel and write and vice-versa 🙂
In this episode titled “Travel Inspired Writing with S Venkatesh” of the show Travel Conversations (TC) on The Rustik Travel Podcast we talk to him about his love for traveling and writing and how both are interlinked. 

Podcast Summary: Travel Inspired Writing with S Venkatesh
Hosts: Hemant Soreng & Rajesh Nair
00:00:00: Intro. About yourself. Traveling while growing up. Earlier influences.
– How travel has influenced writing.
00:07:04: The process of writing. The first book – KaalKoot. Second book – AgniBaan
– a bit on the book – setting, plot and characters.
– How travel influenced while writing this book? Places, research etc.
00:45:13: Which travel experiences/destinations have influenced while writing your books? Esp. Historical places/events, ancient civilizations.
00:56:25: How has travel evolved and how has it impacted/changed you as a person?
01:02:06: Which places, cultures, setting would you like to write about? And visit as well?
01:04:01: Conclusion. Outro.

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