Diamond in a Shoe

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Rajesh Nair

A traveler, voice-over artist, insurance professional, a history buff, expert on temple architecture, passionate tour guide and is a pandora box of stories that he weaves through conversations.

We have all heard of the famous Kohinoor diamond, which is currently housed in the Tower of London. But did you know that there is another diamond, double the size of the Kohinoor, still in India? This diamond belonged to the Nizam of Hyderabad, who was also once the richest man in the world. But wait makes the diamond even more interesting is how it was found – it was discovered in a shoe – and the man it was named after, a very mysterious Mr. Jacob. How did all this happen? Listen in to find out. Narrated by Rajesh Nair.

Welcome to the show Stories in Monologue by The Rustik Travel Podcast. In this show we will narrate the most unique, interesting and unheard of stories, that we have picked up from our travels. These stories are bound to tickle your curiosity and inspire you to travel to see or experience first-hand.
This episode’s story is a riveting tale of a diamond.

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