A Yogi’s Journey with Neetu Singh

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Flying, modelling, a glamorous corporate life and now a Yogi. That’s Neetu Singh for you, who listened to her inner calling, quit everything to become a Yogi.
Born in an army officer’s house, she was brought up in various cantonments. This frequent change of place instilled in her a passion for travel. As she says, she used to let go of old friends and make new ones every 2-3 years.
Later, like most of us, she chased worldly ambitions and got whatever she wanted. She became an air hostess, was a show stopper in fashion shows and made  it to the cover page of a glamorous magazine. She realised early in life, as to what she really wanted and that was to be a Giver.
Trained under Bharat Thakur, one of the leading proponents of Yoga India, she started learning Yoga 19 years ago and eventually teaching. She has a community called Total Yoga in Bangalore where she trains teachers on Yoga and conducts workshops across the globe. Her strong connect with her students enables her to reach out to them in various countries, and they support her in her workshops and travel.
She is an offbeat traveller and while conducting classes takes time to Trek on the Alps, enjoys each water sport, scuba diving etc.
Every year on just before New year’s day, she along with a group of runners run for around 130-140 kms……isn’t that a real cracker?
To learn about this amazing person please visit https://www.neetuyogi.com and http://total-yoga.org/ Also follow her on Instagram at @neetuyogi.
In this episode titled “A Yogi’s Journey with Neetu Singh” of the show Travel Conversations (TC) on The Rustik Travel Podcast we would follow Neetu Singh on her path for becoming a Yogi and in the process travelling to many places in India and abroad.

Podcast Summary: A Yogi’s Journey with Neetu Singh
Hosts: Hemant Soreng & Rajesh Nair
00:00: Intro. About yourself. Passion for traveling and Yoga. 
07:38: Journey as a Yogi.
19:30: How should one start learning Yoga?
– Different schools of Yoga.
– Bikram Yoga. Meeting Bikram Choudhury.
36:30: About pursuing your passion for teaching yoga as your profession.
– The journey
– Travels
– Teaching. Workshops.
– Pre and during pandemic.
51:30: Stuck in a paradise called Bali during the lockdown
58:38: What next? In terms of travel and combining it with Yoga? 
– Running more than 100 km during New Year’s eve.
00:01:04: Conclusion and Outro

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