Adventures of a Solo Woman Traveler – Rooparekha Kathirvelu

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What does it take to travel solo? And esp. if you are a woman in India given the typical conservative social structure, safety concerns you have to face.
Rooparekha Kathirvelu not only faced these obstacles but she overcame them. With geography as her favourite subject from school, she got around to actually studying it practically while traveling. 
All she had to do was to just step outside her home and world became her oyster. Traveling solo was liberating. It was not lonely as she met strangers, her fellow travelers who have now become her lifelong friends.
A mother, grandmother and a businesswoman, Rooparekha has come a long way from trekking 45 days to Kailash – Mansarovar in Tibet as a 29 year old to making it to the Everest Base Camp as a 63 year young, and in between traveling extensively, mostly solo, in India and abroad. 100% pure inspiration.
In this episode titled “Adventures of a Solo Woman Traveler – Rooparekha Kathirvelu” of the show Travel Conversations (TC) on The Rustik Travel Podcast we would travel with Roopa as she takes us through her various travels over the years. A must listen for those who are hesitating to take that first step outside their comfort zones to discover the beautiful world out there.

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