Chasing the Northern Lights with Nitesh & Reshma

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Witnessing the surreal Northern Lights is a unique experience. Ask any traveler who has seen it and they will swoon over it. But what it is like to view this magnificent light show in the sky from all the different places and countries possible? Ask this husband-wife couple of Nitesh & Reshma, who have been there and done that.

Nitesh Saxena & Reshma Arora are both passionate travelers. They are the perfect example of how a traveling couple should be. They work as corporate executives in a large multinational company, earning a living. But, they are actually living, a life that they love through their adventures and travels. While the last year of Covid-19 pandemic was a downer for travel but it didn’t hamper their spirits as they have been using this downtime to plan for their future travels 🙂

In this episode they will take us to all the places where they saw the Northern Lights from and tell us about their adventures while doing that. 

Podcast Summary: Chasing the Northern Lights with Nitesh & Reshma
Hosts: Hemant Soreng & Rajesh Nair
00:00:00 – 00:15:23: Introduction. Favourite places traveled to. Affinity for traveling to cold remote places.
00:15:23 – 00:51:33: The Northern Lights 
– Scientific definition. Myths and stories.
– How does it look? How does it appear with the conditions?
– First Northern Lights experience – Tromso, Norway – 2013.
– Cruise to Norway. Watching Northern Lights from the ship and other experiences.
– How to capture it through the camera?
– Iceland: Exploring the country – stories and experiences, along with watching the Northern Lights. Driving on icy roads in winters.
– Canada: Watching Northern lights from the Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Exploring the quaint town.
– Finland: Santa Claus Village and other stories.
00:51:33 – 01:03:04: Tips for planning the Northern Lights experience.
01:03:04 – 01:03:51: What next? Concluding remarks. 

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  • Thanks for featuring us and helping us share our stories Hemant and Rajesh. It was so much fun and brought back some wonderful memories!

  • Absolutely loved it. You two make a unique pair. I felt as if I was visiting. Mythological stories about stars and constellations are many. I read lots of folks tales and African narratives but was intrigued about northern lights. You must check for Guinness books of records for your passion for chasing northern lights. When we meet up I will like to listen more. Or record more podcast.

  • So glad I got to listen to it. Loved listening every story that you and Nitesh were sharing. I’m definitely going to join you on one of your chases.

  • Heard yours nd Nitesh’s interview on Northern Lights. Saw the pics too. It  amazing no doubt, but you being an avid traveler only can do such a trip. Is it your passion for traveling that drives you to all such places or the curiosity to explore the world ?

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