Conquering Cancer and Climbing Mountains with Tapas Biala

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Hemant Soreng

Author, digital guy, documentary filmmaker, scuba diver, ironman triathlete, mountaineer, serial entrepreneur, but above all is a passionate traveler who loves to chat with fellow travelers.

What could be better than trekking or climbing to explore the majestic Himalayas? Tapas Biala found that out pretty early on when he was just a toddler. Ever since he has not looked back. He has been trekking and climbing in the Himalayas very early on. At 12 years old he became the youngest climber in India to climb 6,000m plus peak till that record was eventually broken by another climber. However, a few years later his passion for trekking and climbing took a major blow, when he was diagnosed with cancer…leukemia. But, the motivation of getting back to the mountains helped him overcome that. And now he is back in the mountains doing what he loves the most.

Tapas is an outdoor learning and adventure entrepreneur having co-founded My Himalayan Adventure and Rustik Travel. His life so far is an awe inspiring one as he talks in this episode about exploring Himalayas and more:
– Growing up trekking in the mountains (Doon School, Youngest Climber in India to scale 6000 m peak)
– Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (Basic and Advanced Mountaineering Course)
– Nature Photography
– MBA and Adventure Entrepreneurship
– Tips for first time trekkers
– Outbound learning program for schools
– Overcoming cancer

Please do send us your feedback so that we could improve with each episode. Till then, Travel safe. Travel responsibly.

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  • Fantastic! As you may recall, I was trying to arrange something with him around April 2020 to introduce my two children to the hills – unfortunately Covid came along. Hopefully in 2021.

  • Wonderful to hear the experiences shared by Tapas! Appreciate how he has overcome the difficult times! More power to him! Do convey my regards! Great work Hemant!

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