Driving through Croatia, Slovenia & Italy with Sharath Krishnamurthy

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Sharath Krishnamurthy is a digital media professional and a passionate traveler. He is a certified open water diver and loves adventure in his travels. He prefers taking off the beaten path and exploring a destination through a different lens. Driving is one such lens for him while exploring a place, be it in India or anywhere else in the world.
In this episode titled “Driving through Croatia, Slovenia & Italy with Sharath Krishnamurthy of the show Travel Conversations (TC) on The Rustik Travel Podcast he drives through the picturesque locales, quaint villages and beautiful countryside exposing a totally different side to traveling in these countries.

Podcast Summary: Driving through Croatia, Slovenia & Italy with Sharath Krishnamurthy
Hosts: Hemant Soreng & Rajesh Nair
Producer: Tanvi Jain
00:00:00 – 00:04:50: Introduction. Early days of traveling to different destinations, countries.
00:04:50 – 00:05:32: Traveling in India
00:05:32 – 00:10:39: First driving trips in Australia and driving tips
00:10:39 – 00:13:01: Driving abroad
– Left-hand driving in Croatia
– Advantages of driving holidays and the Croatia trip
– Using GPS while driving
– Game of thrones locations in Croatia 
00:13:12 – 00:18:48: Driving trip in Croatia (2017)
– Croatia: Zagreb, Plitvice, Trogir, Split, Dubrovnik
00:18:49 – 00:19:48: Tips on hiring a car:
– Driver’s license, type of cars, insurance
– The downsides of using GPS
00:19:48 – 00:32:35: Driving trip in Italy, Croatia & Slovenia (2018)
– Italy (Milan-Trieste) – Croatia – Slovenia – Italy (Venice)
– Croatia: Pula, Hum (smallest town in the world), Istria, Rovinj
– Slovenia: Ljubljana, Lake Bled
– Italy: Milan, Trieste, Venice
– Economics of driving trips
00:32:36 – 00:41:15: Tips on hiring a car (contd.):
– Driver’s license (local vs. International Driver’s License)
– Which car rental company to choose?
– Type of car
– Insurance – which one to take?
00:41:15 – 01:07:05: Driving trip in Italy, Croatia & Slovenia (2018) – contd.
– Getting lost and finding new destinations and experiences: Slovenia – Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj
– People make places: Taking tips and guidance from locals. Warm hospitality. Local interactions.
– Spending time at a bar in Ljubljana, Slovenia after closing time
– Trying to get a Rabies injection in Croatia
– Getting a ride from a city bus in the night to get to the hotel in Italy. Helped by a local.
01:07:05 – 01:08:29: Driving holidays elsewhere:
– Scotland: Missing out an opportunity for a driving trip
– USA: Skipping tollbooths and driving experience
01:07:05 – 01:12:15: More tips and advise:
– Car Rental companies
– Parking lots
– Toll booths
01:12:15 – 01:13:25 – Future driving holidays
01:13:25 – 1:15:12 – Conclusion. Outro.

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