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Meenakshi Garodia is a passionate traveler and a foodie, a vegetarian. Is it difficult to be all three esp. when veg. food is difficult to come by in many places around the world?
Not at all.
Meenakshi has gone ahead and not only discovered the best places to eat and the different veg cuisines but also brought all those recipes home and made it into a show – “Veg around the World”. Someone who knew nothing about cooking before moving to the US two decades ago, she is now an expert in the culinary arts.
A business graduate (from the prestigious IIM-Bangalore), blogger, ceramic artist, photographer and a budding filmmaker Meenakshi is truly multi-faceted. 
In this episode we will travel with her to various countries around the world discovering yummy local vegetarian food, getting to know some cooking tips, experiencing her adventures and more.

Podcast Summary: Veg around the World with Meenakshi Garodia
Hosts: Hemant Soreng & Rajesh Nair
Producer: Tanvi Jain
00:00:00: Intro. How the passion for traveling start? Being a foodie. Being a vegetarian. 
00:05:00: Veg around the World Show on YouTube.
00:07:26: Traveling style.
00:09:01: Favourite places and food experience.
Asia: Singapore, Myanmar
Europe: Denmark, Iceland, Scotland, Croatia
Americas: Yellowstone, US, Canada, Mexico, Carribean, Panama, Colombia
00:16:50: Food in Latin America, 
– Potato, Corn, Beans, Lard, Cocoa, Chocolate
00:19:41: How difficult is it to find veg food while traveling?
00:24:41: Do your friends love the food that you cook?
– Korean cuisine
00:27:10: Similarities in various cuisines around the world. Cuisines influenced by the fusion of cultures. What is the different staple food around the world?
00:35:10: Culture around having food.
00:40:39: Have eaten anything unusual in your travels?
00:41:56: Have you faced any problem due to language while asking for veg food?
00:45:05: How’s the street food been while traveling? And esp.Indian food and from the subcontinent.
00:49:40:  Carribean food.
00:50:21: Other Travels: Driving trips and adventure sports.
00:53:49: Where next?
00:55:37: Beyond food & travel – being a ceramic artist and studying to be a filmmaker.
00:56:51: Travel tips for vegetarians.
00:58:30: Conclusion and Outro.

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