Unconventional Travel with Rahul Prakash I

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Rustik Travel curates customized travel experiences globally that have a local flavour and engages people from the local community.
Sustainable Experiential Travel, in short. Sustainability, in terms of creating livelihoods, protecting environment and preserving culture.

Traveling across the Sahara on the roof of an iron ore train, traveling with a local he just met in Senegal, hanging out with an US marine in Russia, surfing and cliff diving in Coffee Bay, South Africa or climbing Kilimanjaro on a Keto diet. These are some of the innumerable stories Rahul Prakash tells us from his brand of unplanned travels. Unconventional as they may seem, imitate how he lives his life. An author, electrical engineer, sociologist, business graduate (from the premier IIM – Bangalore), IT consultant, advanced open water scuba diver, and many such diverse titles describe Rahul. He lives in Seattle, US with his family, but has temporarily moved with them to Mexico exploring the place, learning a new language while working remotely. He joins us from there to tell us about his amazing adventures traveling.
In this episode he will take us through his amazing and crazy travel adventures.

Podcast Summary: Unconventional Travel with Rahul Prakash I
Hosts: Hemant Soreng & Rajesh Nair
Producer: Tanvi Jain
00:00:00 – 00:08:42: Intro. How did the travel bug start? 
– Mountaineering club in the University
– Trip to Turkey with son
– Rahul’s style of traveling
00:08:44 – 00:13:12: Egypt
– Interacting with a fellow passenger wearing a hijab with SpongeBob SquarePants print, on the train from Cairo to Alexandria.
– A mix of tradition and modern outlook
– Literacy
– Bollywood influence
00:13:20 – 00:28:37: Senegal & Mauritania
– Riding on the roof of the iron ore train
– Traveling with Salem
– Packing for traveling
– Sahara desert
– Atar/Terjit
00:28:37 – 00:35:35: Style of traveling
– Flexible traveling – taking decisions on the go
– Flying back just before the Covid-19 lockdowns
– Planning and choosing destinations to travel to
– Style of traveling – slow, long, flexible, unplanned, people centric
00:35:35 – 00:38:19: Russia: Solovotsky Island…To be continued at Unconventional Travel with Rahul Prakash II.

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