Driving and Traveling with Arpita, Amitava & Baby Anju

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Amitava Deb is a graduate from IIT Kanpur and an MBA from Ohio University. He has worked in the US, Europe as a Management Consultant with the top Consulting firms and has been the India Head for Insurance for a global company. He now has a Fintech company, focusing on the Insurance space. He has travelled to more than 30 countries.
Arpita, his wife is a teacher at Inventure Academy in Bangalore. Arpita is an avid traveller. She has travelled to the US, Japan and a number of European countries. And she is one person who wanted to be a teacher and nothing else & to travel.
We can say that while Amitava is a technologist to the core and loves everything about it, Arpita is a voracious reader. They have a daughter Amisha (or Anju as she is fondly called), who also follows her mother in being an avid reader and also loves travelling.

In this episode of the show Travel Conversations (TC) on The Rustik Travel Podcast  we are going to hear from Arpita & Amitava Deb about their travelling experiences and stories esp. during multiple road trips they have done across the world, and their experience of traveling with an infant when their daughter, Anju was just a baby.

Podcast Summary: Driving and Traveling with Arpita, Amitava & Baby Anju

00:00:00 – 00:04:34: Introduction. How passion for traveling and esp. road trips started? What traveling means?
00:04:35 – 00:09:55: Driving and traveling, road trips in UK, Europe, US, India. 
00:09:55 – 00:17:23: Planning road trips, traveling and driving with a baby.
00:17:25 – 00:20:23 : Stories and experiences from road trips – Switzerland.
00:20:24 – 00:23:17 : Tips on hiring cars, driving license requirements, driving with a child.
00:23:18 – 00:45:03 : Stories and experiences from road trips – Netherlands, Portugal, US (Florida), Belgium, India (Coorg, Munnar, Ladakh, Rajasthan, Pokhran). When to travel with kids? Driving and navigating experience stories and tips. Driving across countries and places.
00:45:04 – 00:46:25 : Conclusion. Bucket list. Concluding remarks.

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