One Hundred and Counting with Srinivas Kasturi

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Sustainable Experiential Travel, in short. Sustainability, in terms of creating livelihoods, protecting environment and preserving culture.

Srinivas Kasturi (or Srini as he is fondly called) is a multi-talented person in as diverse fields as technology, art, writing, film-making and many  more yet to be uncovered.
He is an alumnus of IIM-Bangalore and a Senior Banking Professional based in London. His work has taken him to many places around the world over the years fueling his passion for travel. 
According to the United Nations, there are 195 countries in the world. Well, Srini has already visited more than 100 of them, but he’s not counting. What counts is not the checklist of places visited but the experience gained through the cultural discovery that has made him take a soulful inner journey transforming and growing with each travel. 

In this episode of the show Travel Conversations (TC) on The Rustik Travel Podcast we are going to hear from Srini about his experiences and stories from his travels around the world.

Podcast Summary: One Hundred and Counting

00:00:00 – 00:07:20: Introduction. How passion for traveling started? What traveling means? The Philosophy. Transformations of self and cultures discovered over time while traveling.
00:07:22 – 00:15:01: Growing up. Early motivations. First overseas travel as a student after winning an essay competition – Europe – Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich. Traveling in the 90s without internet and knowledge of local language –  China. Pre vs post Internet era of travel.
00:15:03 – 00:22:32: Work and travel. Planning travel around work trips. Trips across continents around the world.
00:22:33 – 00:29:30: Pakistan: food, flavours and familiarity.
00:29:32 – 00:34:00 : Traveling with family – as a couple and with a child. South-East Asia – Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos.  Portugal, Stockholm, Germany.
00:34:01 – 00:39:38 : The Cuban experience.
00:39:40 – 00:43:55 : Nigeria: Remember me. China: Lost in translation.
00:44:00 – 00:43:35 : Africa – South Africa, North Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar.
00:45:10 – 00:49:10 : What makes me travel? Cultural discovery. 
00:49:13 – 00:55:22 : The Indian connection. Bollywood. Samosa. Similarities in dissimilar cultures. Silk route. 
00:55:25 – 01:02:00 : Central Asia – Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan. Societies in transition.
01:02:00 – 01:05:04 : Stuck in protests, clashes and strikes in a foreign land. 
01:05:05 – 01:11:54 : Conclusion. Places to visit in the future. Concluding remarks.

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