Visiting Every Country in the World with Prasanna & Sangeetha

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How does it feel to travel all around world? Having visited almost all the countries that are out there. With 100 of them on an Indian visa. On a vegetarian diet. Through the conflict zones in the so-called war torn countries.

Prasanna Veeraswamy and Sangeetha Ranganath are your “typical atypical” couple who have been there, done that…..literally.    
While growing up in the middle class India of the 80s Prasanna and Sangeetha were your typical couple. They met as students in BITS Pilani and then moved to the US after graduation. Had a good job, house, big car and traveled abroad for vacations. They were well settled and were set out for life…but instead they chose a life filled with wanderlust and enriching experiences. A life which allowed them pursue their dreams, passions and opportunity to find themselves. A life less ordinary. 

In this episode titled “Visiting Every Country in the World with Prasanna & Sangeetha of the show Travel Conversations (TC) on The Rustik Travel Podcast we will hear about their inspiring story as they traveled around the world visiting each and every country that is out there.

Podcast Summary:  Visiting Every Country in the World with Prasanna & Sangeetha
Hosts: Hemant Soreng & Rajesh Nair
Producer: Tanvi Jain
00:00:00: Intro. 
00:02:07: About you? Traveling while growing up? Earlier influences? Moving to the US. Traveling to around 100 countries with the Indian passport and stories around that.
– Traveling to 174 countries together. Prasanna traveling to all the 193 UN recognised countries.00:11:56: Visa application and trip to Pakistan. 
00:18:33: How many countries are there in the world? Classification.
00:24:55: The North Korea experience.
00:29:24: Does it take lot of money to travel? Does one need to quit one’s job to travel? What is happiness to you?
00:35:46: Traveling together as a couple – stories and anecdotes. 
00:46:40: Living in different countries
00:49:11: How has the travel style and you have evolved with travels?
00:54:27: Interaction with the locals. Making friends from 50-100 countries.
00:59:18: Language barriers and anecdotes.
01:05:00: Scary moments. Perception of India. Bollywood influence.
01:14:46: About your blogs and more stories. Media perception vs ground reality.
01:23:50: What advise will you give to your younger self?
01:27:51: What next?
01:30:27: Conclusion and Outro.

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