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Taking an Inner Journey

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Why do we travel?

To see places. Experience different cultures. Bond with family and friends. Tick off the bucket list. Be adventurous. Discover ourselves.

Different people have different reasons to travel. Whatever the reason might be, there is always an outcome during and after the travel experience, which most of the time is hidden to the conscious mind.
Most people know what they do and how they do it but it’s a very small fraction who knows why they do it. The three golden circles of autonomy, mastery and purpose are instrumental in a person knowing their Why.

At Rustik Travel, we are trying to bring this discovery of the inner self while exploring the outer through travel.

Get to experience a unique journey in a one-on-one Life Coaching session as we attempt to decipher your Why. Using advanced NLP and Life Coaching constructs such as Wheel of Life, Healing Masters, Five Why’s, Circle of Excellence and Emotional Freedom Technique amongst others the purpose of this session will be to take an inward look and identify the areas of your life and psyche that can be harnessed in order to attain your dreams and goals while maintaining a balance between your personal and professional space.
And we will take this inner journey together while experiencing the outer environs of a beautiful location every time.

This time we will take the weekend off and travel to Conoor, which is nestled in the beautiful blue hills or the Nilgiris. A perfect setting to discover the inner self with the outdoors.

Dates: 31st May – 1st June 2018 (2Days/1Night)
Group Size: 4
Location: Atwood, a boutique resort, Conoor

Asad Chaturvedi, our in-house expert and a life coach will guide us in taking this inner journey.

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