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Varanasi: The City That Lives On

Before we went to Varanasi last year, I didn’t have much of an idea about the city except for what I had read in the travel guides. As we explored the city through our camera lens, interviewed and interacted with people, and participated in the various festivities that I realised[…]

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Sustainability: Taking the road less traveled

Sustainable Travel_Rustik

‘There is now nothing here, sir. The young don’t want to do farming. They have left for the cities to look for jobs. If they had stayed on and look at other traditional occupation, then our village wouldn’t be so empty.” Mohan Lal Joshi, narrated in Garhwali the sad state[…]

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Wayanad: In a Quest for Sustainability


This documentary aims to investigate the concept of sustainability in Wayanad, exploring relevant issues such as tourism, environment, tribal rehabilitation, man-animal conflicts and so on. The district of Wayanad in the North Kerala is a large area that is largely forest covered and is part of, the same forest ecosystem[…]

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Mayong – Conjuring Magic to Reality

Mayong, Assam

‘Bhoot pret se mukti Ho ya Charam dard ki samapti. Har kathinayi ka ilaj rakhti Mayong ki kale jaadu ki ye shakti’ (Be it getting rid of ghosts or pains. Mayong’s power of black magic can end all woes)   These lines reminded me of our Deori gardener, Manik dadu[…]

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The birth of Kerala

mannarshala 2

Beautiful backwaters. Tropical trees. Sunkissed shores. That is how we describe Kerala. But have you ever wondered how Kerala came into existence? Well! I would not have known the history had I not visited Mannarsala, the abode of serpents. A 119 km bus journey from Thiruvananthapuram will ferry you to[…]

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Kodinhi – a tale of twins’ town

Kodinhi - Twin Town

  It was a Sunday afternoon when I received a phone call from my hometown. My aunt had just given birth to the seventh set of twin boys in our family. It was not at all surprising to me as my family has a history of fraternal and identical twins. When[…]

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The Ghosts of Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal

  New college. New friends. New stories. Well! This has always been the same story for me. But it is not everyday that you make friends with somebody who says that he hails from the Rajput Warrior dynasty of the Mewars. It was evident from the beginning itself that this[…]

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