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“To collaboratively build a sustainable experiential travel ecosystem for travelers globally that enables cultural exchange, protects the environment and facilitates commerce while engaging the local community creating livelihoods.”


“we travel, therefore we are”

Hemant Soreng

Author, diver, filmmaker, IronMan triathlete, mountaineer, traveler, serial entrepreneur. Is the office boy and anything you want him to be at Rustik. Sometimes, also plays the fool.

Tapas Biala

Doon school dude, high-altitude mountaineer, outdoor learning & adventure entrepreneur. Expert in organizing expeditions & treks. Also known as the Himalayan kid.

Rajesh Nair

Rajesh Nair

Passionate traveler, voice-over artist, insurance professional, a pandora box of stories, podcaster, leads Tours+.

Asad Chaturvedi

Asad Chaturvedi

Coach, Trainer, Author and Motivational Speaker with over 24+ years experience. Traveler at heart. Leads experiential programs at Rustik.

Sathya Nath

Creative guru with over two decades experience in advertising. A fine arts background that is more than just fine. Creative dude. Brand custodian at Rustik.


Unny Radhakrishnan

Senior digital professional with 20+ years of experience and with a reputation in the industry, however a traveler at heart. Blogger at, advisor to Rustik.

Kabir Agarwal

Moved back to India after working for 9 years in New York as a UI/UX & digital strategist expert. A regular charmer, he is a startup expert, entrepreneur at heart, advisor to Rustik.


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Pankaj Malhotra, New Delhi, India

First Trek of my life- Straight to Everest Base Camp. A very well organised Trek by Rustik Travel, which has one of the finest and experienced trekkers. Thanks for making this trek the most memorable one.

June 30, 2016

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