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Ladakh Experience

Ladakh is the land of high passes blessed with natural beauty any other place in the world would envy. In ancient times it was an important outpost in the important silk route trade. Much of that richness esp. in culture and heritage is still very much reflective in the present day Ladakh.
Not much else needs to be said about Ladakh. A landscape vastly different from anything imaginable. Though so much has been talked and written about it that most people have an idea of the place, yet nothing can prepare you for what to expect the moment the door of the aircraft opens and this land opens its arms to you.

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Sikkim Experience

Sikkim has lot of history since it has been nestled for ages between the ancient Tibetan, Bhutanese and Nepalese kingdoms, and later with the British that saw frequent historical exchanges, remnants of which can widely be seen.
Sikkim has a rich heritage seeped in Buddhism as can be evident from the number of beautiful monasteries each of which have a story to tell.
Sikkim has been very careful not to let development come at the cost of nature with a third of the state being heavily forested till date and a fourth of it being protected under the Kanchendzonga national park making it a state very rich in flora and fauna. Sikkim is also India’s first fully organic state. Not to forget the mighty Kanchenjunga which is of reverence to all there and forms a beautiful backdrop at a number of places.
The people of Sikkim are remarkably cheerful and friendly, urban centers in Sikkim are great places to chill out.

The quintessential Sikkim experience is an attempt to explore all of these – history and heritage, nature and mountains as well as the rich and unique local culture.

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Kinnaur & Spiti Road Trip

8/9/10 Days

The Essential Spiti & Kinnaur jeep safari begins at Shimla and takes you through the stunning and graphic valleys of the Sutlej, Baspa, Spiti, Pin and Chandra rivers and up and over the majestic Rohtang and Kunzum passes.

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Exploring Spiti

5-8 Days

Spiti means “The Middle Land”, i.e. the land between Tibet and India.
The Spiti Valley is a desert mountain valley which is located high in the Himalaya Mountains in the north-eastern part of Himachal Pradesh in India.

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Kanamo_Rustik Travel

Kanamo Peak Ascent

10 Days

Kanamo in Spitian language literally translates into, “The Black Mountain”. The villages from where the peak is visible are located on the south side of this peak, from their location the mountain appears to be black in colour, and that is why it got its name. Kanamo also means mountain that has a lot of snow, if one were to reach the top and view the glacier on the north face, the second interpretation is quite appropriate too. The name doesn’t do entire justice to this friendly and beautiful peak, as it is black only in colour and not in spirit.

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Exploring the Land of Chettiars

4 Days

Around the 13th century, the Chettiars were displaced from their port city on the Bay of Bengal and they moved to a place deep in the south of Tamil Nadu now known as Chettinad. Being an extremely successful and resourceful mercantile community, they soon established themselves and steadily prospered. Over the years they amassed huge fortunes and established themselves in various fields like salt trading, coffee and rubber plantations, fertilizers to films, to big manufacturing companies. The Chettiars are also considered to be among the pioneers of organised banking in the country. Their palatial homes in Chettinad are of astonishing size, scale and examples of rich architecture which are not seen anywhere else.

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Rustik Travel Teej_Ganguar_Festival

Gangaur Festival in Jaipur

2 Days

Jaipur is known for its magnificent architecture and it is also the first planned city of India. The buildings here are made with pink-painted sandstone because of which it is popularly known as the Pink City. Jaipur’s rich cultural heritage is evident in its traditions, customs, lifestyle, art and architecture. This city witnesses various fairs and festivals at different times of the year. Some of the festivals celebrated here are Gangaur festival, Jaipur Literature festival, Kite festival, Teej festival, Shitla Mata Fair, Chaksu Fair, Chhat ka Mela in Amber during Navratri. During the festive season this colourful city becomes even livelier and it is an enriching experience to be a part of all the celebrations.

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Holi in Jaipur

5 Days

Holi, the Indian festival of colours is very popular in the northern part of India. And it is often said that if you want to experience the true spirit of this colourful festival then there is no other place more appropriate to celebrate it other than the land of colours itself – Rajasthan. Come join us in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan this Holi and experience one of the most memorable time of your life.

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Rustik Travel Living_it_up_at_Magnificent_Hindu_Temple

Living it up at magnificent Jaipur

4 Days

The city of Jaipur was founded in 1727 by Jai Singh II, the Raja of Amer who ruled from 1688 to 1743. During the rule of Sawai Ram Singh, the city was painted pink to welcome Prince Edward VII. Most of Jaipur is still pink, due to which it’s known as the Pink city. Jaipur is a magical city which has so much to see and explore. There are innumerable forts to visit, ancient ruins and temples to explore.

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Rustik Travel Pichola lake

Mewar Festival in Udaipur

3 Days

Mewar Festival marks the advent of spring. This festival is an integral part of the culture and tradition of Udaipur. People all over Udaipur take part in this festival and celebrate it with much enthusiasm. The city is at its colourful best during this time.

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