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UnTag – a responsible way to share wildlife pictures

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It is a treasured moment to spot the wildlife in their natural habitat. Its even much better when that moment has been captured in a picture, that we could share with our friends. However, little do we know that by doing so we are also sharing the location of the animals that can be used by the poachers to locate and hunt them down.

UnTag is an app that helps you delete the GPS data from your pictures esp. that of the wildlife before sharing them online. By doing so the poachers will not be able to determine the location of the animal through your pictures. This is a responsible way to experience the wildlife while discouraging poaching. More at

UnTag is an initiative supported by Rustik Travel keeping in mind the philosophy of Sustainable Travel esp. towards protecting the environment.
The UnTag app is developed by the agency The Digital Street and has recently won four Abby Awards (top advertising awards in India) at the Goafest 2018 and two Golds at The Big Bang Awards 2018 hosted by The Advertising Club Bangalore.

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