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Thiruvananthapuram Tour

Thiruvananthapuram (The city of the Lord Anantha) is also known as Trivandrum. The city maintains the old world charm of Kerala and is its Capital. Referred as the “Evergreen City of India” by Mahatma Gandhi, is surrounded by low coastal hills. The city is situated near the southern tip of mainland India. The city with its long winding roads, dotted with old styled houses and small shops will give you the feel of a small town though it’s the capital of Kerala.

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Inner Journey_Rustik Travel

Taking an Inner Journey

Why do we travel? To see places. Experience different cultures. Bond with family and friends. Tick off the bucket list. Be adventurous. Discover ourselves. Different people have different reasons to travel. Whatever the reason might be, there is always an outcome during and after the travel experience, which most of[…]

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Brahmagiri Trek_Rustik Travel

Brahmagiri Trek

2 Days

Brahmagiri Trek is one of the most popular treks in Kerala and Karnataka. The trek is inside the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, bordering the two states and is inhabited by large herds of elephants.
At an altitude of 1608 m, Brahmagiri peak is an ideal trek for the first time trekkers and for those who enjoy the leisurely paced hikes surrounded by natural beauty of the forest and wildlife.

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Kerala Experience_Rustik Travel

Kerala – An Experience In God’s Own Country

On Request

Kerala is a treasure trove of experiential splendor and natural wonders. The western coastline along the Arabian Sea is high on beauty, beaches and culture with a historic past of spice trade on the Malabar Coast. The Western Ghat Mountains in the east, one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, are alive with rich flora and fauna, and dotted with lush plantations and quaint hill towns. Surrounded by pristine stretches of backwaters with thriving local culture, it’s hard not to see why Kerala is God’s Own Country.
Thanks to such diversity, experiential travel is the way to go here. Watch the sun set through fishing nets, traverse the evergreen Ghats, or kayak along the backwaters. Spot elephants while bamboo rafting, mingle with locals at homestay, or discover exotic food. Immerse in an Ayurvedic massage, or just laze on quiet beaches. Kerala truly is a refreshing escape, revealing the most authentic, eco-friendly and sustainable side of India.

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Celebrating Onam Traditionally

3 Days

And so goes the legend how Lord Vishnu in the guise of a Brahmin boy tricked Mahabali, the generous king of Kerala into relinquishing his kingdom, as the boy grew in size with his footsteps covering the entire earth.
The King requested Vishnu that he be allowed to visit his people once every year. This arrival of King Mahabali, to meet his people, is celebrated over the 10 days of Onam. It is a mythical tale, one that every child in Kerala loves to hear and one that every grandparent takes great pleasure in telling, with some exaggerations of their own.

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Kochi Village Backwater Tour

4.5 Hr

The popular backwaters of Kerala is a 900 km. long water world spread across the state. It comprises of 44 rivers, 34 lakes and innumerable canals. From large houseboats to smaller country boats and kayaks, there are a host of options available here. And no visit to Kerala, is complete without a cruise on these famous backwaters.

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Wayanad_Rustik Travel

Wayanad Wanderlust

3-4 Days

Wayanad which literally means the land of paddy fields, it is the 12th district of Kerala consisting of Mananthavady, Sulthan Bathery and Vythiri Taluks. It is a picturesque plateau situated among the mountains of the Western Ghats on the eastern portion of North Kerala. Wayanad is known for its dense forests and wild animals. It is also considered to be one of the major producers of pepper, cardamom, coffee, tea, spices and rubber.

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Motorbiking rides by Rustik Travel

Motorcycle Rides

India is blessed with snow covered mountains in the north, temple towns at the south, dense forests to the east that are full of rare flora and fauna and unending long captivating deserts at the west. Would you want to go on a ride with us on a Royal Enfield, Triumph or a Harley Davidson and see these fabulous locations? Ride with fellow bikers and forge a bond of brotherhood.

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Wayanad Plantation Experience

4 Days

The Slow Manifesto is something that we all can and that we all should adopt for our own lives, at home, at work and when we travel. A holiday, in the true sense of the word, can only be enjoyed when we take it slow. The accommodation, the local activities, the food, the overall pace of the holiday is designed to help travelers slow down. So, opt for a slow holiday this time round and join the slow revolution in Wayanad, Kerala.

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