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Wayanad Plantation Experience

4 Days

The Slow Manifesto is something that we all can and that we all should adopt for our own lives, at home, at work and when we travel. A holiday, in the true sense of the word, can only be enjoyed when we take it slow. The accommodation, the local activities, the food, the overall pace of the holiday is designed to help travelers slow down. So, opt for a slow holiday this time round and join the slow revolution in Wayanad, Kerala.

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In Kochi

Kochi Heritage Experience


Explore the rich historical and cultural heritage of Kochi. The historical monuments, heritage structures, boutique hotels, avenue style streets with cobbled roads and the many charming coffee – tea shops and restaurants, add so much charm and character to the place.

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Cycling in Rajasthan

Cycling in Jaipur-Pushkar-Ajmer

4 Days

A fascinating land of forts and palaces, Rajasthan will be sure to charm you with its splendors. Riding through the former princely states will provide an insight into a majestic world as Rajasthan remains a land still connected to its regal past. The vibrancy and colors of Rajasthan will be ever present on this amazing cycle journey as we ride in the once powerful Raj state of pink-hued Jaipur and through the sandy- cultured land dotted by the vivid splashes of colourful turbans, skirts and dupattas.

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The Thanjavur Marathas Influence

3-4 Days

Thanjavur Marathas of the Bhonsle dynasty were the rulers of Thanjavur principality of Tamil Nadu between the 17th to the 19th century C.E. This travel experience helps you to discover the different aspects of the Maratha influence on the architecture, sculpture, literature, painting, dance, music and theatre traditions of Thanjavur, which was once the capital of the Chola Empire.

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The Chola Dynasty Splendour

3-4 Days

The Cholas were a major dynasty of Southern India who, at the peak of their reign, ruled all of South India and also parts of Eastern India, Sri Lanka and South East Asia. The first Chola dynasty, was called the Sangam Cholas and the second Chola dynasty is known as the ‘Imperial Cholas’ or the ‘Medieval Cholas’. This experience will explore the architecture, art and culture during the reign of the latter.

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White Water River Rafting in Rishikesh

1-3 DAYS

Whitewater river rafting and Rishikesh go together. The town is a mix of religion, culture, yoga and of course adventure. Rishikesh was the pioneer in introducing and popularising the sport. Blessed with the natural flow of Ganges and the various rapids therein, one is guaranteed the adrenaline rush and thrills associated with it. A perfect weekend of this rush is just what is required.

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Bhardaj Trek

Bhadraj Trek

1 Day

The Bhadraj trek is a beautiful and gradual ridge walk lined with Rhododendron and Pine trees in some patches and grassy meadows in other patches. A short hike from the hustle and bustle of Mussoorie is refreshing.

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