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Delhi Food Walks

Food Walks in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, among other things is best known as a food paradise of sorts, with cuisines for just about every palate. Be it Mughalai delicacies, lip smacking street food or global fare with an Indian twist, you can find it all in Delhi. Streets and lanes of Delhi are filled with gastronomic stories, offering the flavours of years of heritage and tradition.

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Delhi Heritage Walks

Heritage Walks in Delhi

Nobody can deny that Delhi is the melting pot of India. It being the capital city it continues to lure people from all across India and hence time and again it has been referred to as mini India. Delhi is a fascinating place that has a little bit of everything in it – ancient, medieval and modern. You will find thousands of years of monumental ruins including forts and palaces, tombs, shrines for gods and mystics, rest houses, stepwells, memorials, bazaars scattered across the length and breadth of the city. They highlight Delhi’s historic role which was the capital for different dynasties through the years. We invite you to see and experience Delhi, not only it’s well known tourist destinations but also the lesser known and equally fascinating parts of the city.

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Explore Delhi Cycling

Explore Delhi Cycling

Delhi, capital of India, a city full of life, known for its historic monuments, mouth-watering street food and diverse culture. Have you ever considered experiencing all this and more while cycling through its lanes? A lifetime experience in the streets of Delhi is waiting for you. Let’s hop on the bikes and become a part of the unique mix of colours, smells, sounds, tastes and unforgettable images. Take the tour and experience the city of Delhi with all your senses.

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Nepal Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari in Nepal

3-4 Days

The tropical jungles of the Nepal Terai preserve some of the best wildlife habitat in the subcontinent. Chitwan national park, Bardiya national park, Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve and Parsa wildlife reserve are the most common for jungle safaris and other wildlife activities. There are a lot of exciting things to do in these safaris – jungle safari on elephant back, 4 WD vehicle safari, jungle walk, bird watching, watching elephant bathing, and visiting the elephant breeding centre and so on.

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Cultural Tour in Nepal

Cultural Tour in Nepal

1 Day

Nepal is home to UNESCO world heritage sites. The two cultural heritage sites are Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and the seven monuments of the Kathmandu Valley which include the historical royal squares of Kathmandu, Bahaktapur and Patan, the two Buddhist stupas, Swayambunath and Boudhnath and the two Hindu temples, Pashupatinath and Changunarayan, These heritage sites showcase Nepal’s art, architecture, and religious devotion. With our Buddhist and Hindu Cultural Tours you can either visit Holy Buddhist pilgrimage sites, ancient stupas and prostrating pilgrims. Spin prayer wheels, listen to collective chants and observe burning lamps. Visit monasteries and meet local monks. Or Visit the important Hindu temples of Kathmandu and learn about the rituals of this ancient religion. Because of the wide variety of Hindu traditions, freedom of belief and practice are notable features of Hindu cultural tour.

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Wayanad Plantation Experience

4 Days

The Slow Manifesto is something that we all can and that we all should adopt for our own lives, at home, at work and when we travel. A holiday, in the true sense of the word, can only be enjoyed when we take it slow. The accommodation, the local activities, the food, the overall pace of the holiday is designed to help travelers slow down. So, opt for a slow holiday this time round and join the slow revolution in Wayanad, Kerala.

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In Kochi

Kochi Heritage Experience


Explore the rich historical and cultural heritage of Kochi. The historical monuments, heritage structures, boutique hotels, avenue style streets with cobbled roads and the many charming coffee – tea shops and restaurants, add so much charm and character to the place.

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Village Experience

Walvanda Village Experience


“The Greatest treasures often found in our backyards… Often go unnoticed” goes an old saying. The ancient art form of Warli is one such hidden treasure. Warli is the name of the biggest tribe found in Thane district North of Mumbai. The word “Warli” come from the word “warla” which means ‘piece of land’.
Blending interactions with warli tribesmen, dining in their homes, participating in their daily chores, sharing stories and aspiration; the Rustik Warli Journey reaches a climax when renowned practitioners of this ancient art form share their most intricate facets.

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Purushwadi Village – with the Fireflies


Experience the rural & rustic life at Purushwadi village, which is situated 220 km from both Mumbai & Pune en route to Nasik, in Akole block, Ahmednagar district. This tribal village is inhabited by the ‘Hindu Mahadeo Koli’ tribe. Renowned for as rice cultivators and as skilled animal herdsmen; these villagers are warm, simple & full of wonder. This tribal village is inhabited by the ‘Hindu Mahadeo Koli’ tribe. Renowned for as rice cultivators and as skilled animal herdsmen; these villagers are warm, simple & full of wonder. As the monsoons approach, the village is filled with wonder, as millions of fireflies light up the place.

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